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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  November 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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horace: happy thanksgiving. tomorrow is black friday and known as the best time to buy electronics. these days the savings start on thursday. michelle: there has been a line outside of best buy since this morning. right now, we are t-minus one hour to opening and we are live outside in alexandria location with tom roussey with the crowds. tom, i actually location on my way in. these folks are not concerned about turkey today. tom: they have stuff to get to. the doors are open, they are just open a crack. but they will open for real in t-minus one hour. what time did you get here today? >> we were here around 7:00 a.m. in the morning.
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>> the tv's are inexpensive right now and we are trying to get one of those. that's why. my friend wants a ps4. that is why we are here. tom: video games. how much do you think you will save? >> $250 on tv's and $250 on the ps4, too. tom: worth it? >> yes. yes, it is. tom: all right. this is like a tradition for him like turkey. he com richmond, visits family and they come here on thanksgiving. he is not the only one. we have a line of folks who have come out early on thanksgiving. have you eaten yet or are you eating later? later? when did you eat? >> yesterday. tom: so you could be here today? >> yes. tom: what time did you get here? >> 1:00. tom: what brought you out? >> the tv at first but i switched to the xbox. they are giving one out for $299. tom: what would it normally be? >> $350.
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>> my family just got in. i'm not eating until 6:00, 7:00. tom: that gives you time. the doors open at 5:00. i have seen bigger lines in years past. but the folks here now are hardcore and ready to go in when it opens in less than an hour. reporting live in alexandria, i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. first at 4:00 today, the start of the holiday shopping rush. some stores have been open all day but to let the crowds in like we saw with tom. horace: q mccray joins us from gaithersburg where the toys r us is set to open in an hour from now. got crowds out there, q? q: you know what? no. the only crowds outside are the workers who are going to be filling this place because they expect hundreds of people to rush in here at 5:00. we are getting a sneak peek. take a look. the place is quiet right now but there are some workers in the distance at the register
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coming in here. they want to take advantage of the door buster deals. toys r us opens from 5:00 until midnight. maybe they want tom co -- want to come pick up elf on a shelf of. if you have kids you know about these guys. we have video to show you of other shopping centers that had been busy. including the k-mart and the giant in this area. open. they are still open now. they close at 5:00. people have been walking in and out of the stores. hands full with the six things for tonight's dinner and christmas gifts for december 25. so it's been busy out here and it will be busy here at toys r us as well. we'll be here and the workers in the distance to get everything ready. how is it going, guys? all right.
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stick around and we have another live shot from you. live from gaithersburg at 5:30. until then, that is the latist here live. back to you. horace: people will be there. you will not be alone, q. [laughter] "7 on your side" heading into black friday. for a full list of stores opening hour goes to michelle: all right. maybe you are heading out for a walk to walk off the turkey dinner or you are heading out to the stores as well. let's check on the forecast for the rest of the here is meteorologist brian van de graaff. brian: i always wanted a chance to use my money. want it to rain money. i was able to. it's black friday. we want you to save the money tonight. black friday forecast, it does appear through the evening it will be clear and dry. scattered clouds but not shower chances out there. the temperatures will drop. 40 downtown and 30 in the burbs. if you are going out to take advantage of the sales and the
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outdoor shopping malls. talk about what is happening out there today. we started with the clouds. the shot from centreville at bull run elementary school. through the afternoon we have gotten sunshine. we had sprinkles early. mixed sky through the afternoon. that is what we will continue to see as we head deeper in the everything. tonight to tomorrow we will have more clouds and sunshine. rain chances are minimal tomorrow. i think the temperatures are similar. we are at 57 degrees downtown. tomorrow is in the upper 50's again. we will talk about the weekend and the travel home in michelle: all right. thank you. thankfully no life-threatening injuries after a fire in clifton. two people were burned. one of them flown to the hospital. the fire started in the mattress in a home along compton heights circle. horace: as america celebrates thanksgiving day the m.p.d. was out in full force to protect the millions of the spectators expected to line the streets for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. terror threats from around the world meant beefed up security for one of the oldest and the
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abc's elizabeth hur is in new york with us right now with details. [band playing] elizabeth: on the holiday that is all about tradition for families -- >> happy thanksgiving! elizabeth: -- from new york city to philadelphia and overseas where u.s. troops despite being away from families spent the thanksgiving day feeling grateful. >> i have a lot of friends here and a lot of great coworkers so it makes it in new york, this day was all about staying vigilant. >> we have thousands of cops out there. millions of spectators out there. everyone seems to be having a good time. it's what we do as the police. we keep people safe. elizabeth: more than 3,000 officers worked the macy's parade as part of a massive security situation. the added security included closing side streets along the route. with 80 sand filled trucks and more than 100 blocker calls. this is all to prevent an
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france, after the isis propaganda called the parade an excellent target this month. the arrest of a brooklyn man days ago for allegedly talking about attacking times square. >> nypd do a great job. we have full faith they will keep us secure. >> it's been great. everything has been great. security has been great. having a fantastic time. >> new york city officials said all along there were no credible threats. but to be safe, they even visited 135 t to make sure that no one suspicious tried to rent one. it's better to be safe than sorry and there were no reported incidents. michelle: for more, thanksgiving is a chance to give back before sitting down at the dinner table. food and friends made sure everybody had a hot meal today. suzanne kennedy reports. suzanne: we are at food and friends where so many people
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thanksgiving. they will serve 3,500 meals to people throughout the washington metropolitan area. i'm joined by craig schneiderman the executive director here. all the people have shown up to help others. what a great experience for these folks and for the folks who are the recipient of the hard work. >> that is true. we have all lived through tough times over the past year, regardless of what the politics are. it has been stressful. what we have at food and friends is the people who step away from all of that and their neighbors. it's great for whatever wounds they have from living in a trouble world these days. it's wonderful that this week we will have 850 people here. 450 today making sure that the people in the district and in 14 counties of maryland and virginia have a wonderful thanksgiving. suzanne: talk to me about the great food out the door in the next couple of hours and home of special people.
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we have turkeys, 1200 pies, 1,000 rolls and 94 gallons of gravy. we have 4,000 pounds of fresh vegetables. and on and on. 94 gallons of gravy. suzanne: you had a successful pie sale this year. >> we did. we sold a record number of pies. we sold $350,000 worth of holiday pies. that makes a difference because we don't work this work just on thanksgiving. we d weeks a year. we need 9,000 volunteers. but it takes money to run the place. so it is wonderful that we did well with the pies. but the volunteers are the heart of the food and friends. suzanne: thank you so much. i'm here with my family volunteering today. it's a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community and start the thanksgiving on the right food. reporting from northeast washington, suzanne kennedy,
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horace: there is more to thanksgiving than just the food. we are also getting ready for some football. the redskins playing the cowboys in dallas in just under a half hour. kirk cousins fresh off n.f.c. offensive player of the week honors for the blistering performance against the packers. kickoff is set for 4:30. you don't have to worry about the game. we will deep you up to date on what is happening there -- keep you up to date on what is happening there. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the first big football game of the day is already over. we are talking about the turkey bowl in d.c. who we'll tell you ahead. michelle: a lot of families enjoying a fried turkey without the hassle. the restaurant that fries them up for free. and -- >> i ran over and gave her a big hug. i was like thank you so much. horace: talk about paying it forward. an act of grocery store
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michelle: today is not just about tv and food. smithsonian museums were open for people who want to get out of the house. scott thuman join us with the other thanksgiving activities today. scott, it was a beautiful day to be out and about. scott: yeah, i don't think it could get better if they were the federal government serving turkey an pumpkin pie right here. take a look at this beautiful
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people getting glimpse of the rehab on the u.s. capitol dome. botanical gardens are open if you want to check that out. earlier the lines were long but moving fast. national mall was packed including everything to eat. besides turkey. the museums are open too. we found tons of family spending time at the national zoo. the pandas were out and the elephants. plus a little washington redskins love, too, for the game coming we found a family spending quality family time outside the house. >> it's a very nice day. a pleasure for me to be here to give god thanks for all the nice things i have in life. >> it's special to have my kids here, my wife here, nieces and nephews and it's just great to be together. in a beautiful place
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>> the gardens will be open for another hour. bring turkey and a slice of pie for me and my photographers as well. head on down. horace: you will get a lot, scott. thanks. in this week's address, president obama wishes the american people a happy thanksgiving from the white house. for the final time and asked the nation to come together. on behalf of the obama family, i want to wish you a happy thanksgiving. like so many of you, we will spend the day with friends and family. turkey and touchdowns. we will look at what bind us as americans.
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passionate and staples devicetive campaign season -- devicetive sam pain station. horace: the u.s. troops celebrated thanksgiving in kabul. many say they were thinking about the families back home but were thank to feel have a meal with the fellow soldiers. michelle: a time honored thanksgiving tradition. turkey bowl. it's in the 47th year. as sam ford reports the stakes are high. sam: the cheerleaders were there and the spirit was there. so were the vats for the cooking. >> hamburger, hot dogs, skittles, starburst you name it. we got it all! sam: it's more than a high school football championship game. it is an event. the guys play for balloons way back when they come to hang
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year. >> we always come. zach the game between h.g. woodson high and wilson high. if you like numbers this is the third time in four years it's woodson and wilson in the turkey bowl. the fans that lost the other two games were cheering, hoping. >> you get a ring if you win. my brother is playing. i want to get a ring. >> woodsonp? >> we represent all day day. green and black. hey, hey. sam: the game was a hard-fought one. close one. i stayed woodson 14, wilson 13 for much of the game. touchdown answered by touchdown. in the end, woodson prevailed. 22-20. the former woodson champs talked about the importance of just being here. >> the adversity that the kids have been through and the opportunity to be here right now. i think it means a lot to everyone. >> in northeast washington,
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michelle: what a great way to spend the day. very nice. horace: congrats. michelle: absolutely. horace: especially to woodson. the winners. yeah. michelle: let's check in with traffic with jamie sullivan. smooth sailing today. jamie: it is. here is the crazy part. of course you don't anticipate traffic at all on thanksgiving day. and typically it's very light. just like this. i am showing you the camera on 270 and clarksburg, route 121 because we cleared away an accident. we had a few lanes but the nice thing is it didn't cause delays because they got everything wrapped up. that is because roads are quiet. so when we have a crash they are clearing. not long at all we will say. i want to talk about crash that was slowing us down. southbound 259 in the district at suitland. currently only one lane is open. we are in the 40's near the yellow street bridge. that is the only spot we have slowing.
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minutes ago. but again, everything should wrap up shortly. seeing mostly green anywhere you are traveling. today, we checked in the with the partners waze. they said thursday, typically is light and it is. tomorrow, same thing. we will see the same thing on saturday/sunday. heavy travel time. a live look outside once more. 59 in virginia. smooth sailing in both directions getting through dale city. that is a look at traffic. back to you. michelle: all right. horace: it's not bad. a little worried about a sprinkle or two. we had a couple this morning. but it was okay. even with the clouds we got in the upper 50's. tomorrow is similar. we could see a sprinkle tomorrow but the bulk of the weekend is dry. breezy and good on the way home. michelle: for shopping. horace: the kids let you sleep in? brianne: a little -- brian: a little bit. then they will sleep at their
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sun down tonight at 4:49. we are seeing the sunshine. there is the capital wheel at the national harbor. you can see the sun begins to go down across the horizon we have some breaks in the clouds. move off the food. you can go for it. we got to 57 downtown. look at culpeper. sunshine this afternoon. 65. 64 luray. lower 50's to the north and the west where they had cloud cover linger longer. down through virginia they saw clearing. it was helpful. through the day tomorrow i think it's similar to today. tomorrow morning. clouds, a little bit of sun from time to time. we go back and forth again. jockeying for who will win out. the clouds and the sunshine. that will occur throughout the day tomorrow.
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isolated sprinkle or two. but most of the guidance stayed north. i don't think it's a lot. maybe around the metro later in the evening but it's minimal. the key, by the weekend we are back in the good sunshine. it will be breezy at times for the weekend. but a lot clearer and definitely on the cooler side. tonight, if you are heading out for the black friday deals, bundle up. mostly cloudy. we will stay above freezing. in the 30's and the low 40's. a anyone in -- a nip in the the morning 38 is the low no frederick. 44 downtown. a crisp evening headed our way. as black friday sales are underway tonight and tomorrow through the shopping day, the temperatures in the upper 50's tomorrow. that is a look at the forecast. we have the next ten days in a bit. back to you. horace: we have sad breaking
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kentucky. two people were killed and four others hurt in a shooting at a pack. we understand hundreds of people were at the park for an annual youth football game. no word at this point whether the victims were adults or children. we'll be sure to keep you (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza? a better moment of proof.
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or if you are allergic to victoza? or any of its ingredients. stop taking victoza? and call your doctor right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck or if you develop any allergic symptoms including itching, rash, or difficulty breathing. serious side effects may happen, including pancreatitis. so, stop taking victoza? and call your doctor right away if you have severe pain in your stomach area. tell your doctor your medical history. taking victoza? with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza?. horace: the first step toward achievement to school is showing up on time every day.
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schools in the district are relying on cell phones to reduce absenteeism. kellye: smartphones are an essential part of life. not just for grown-ups. to tackle truancy. >> it was a problem four years ago. we had 18% of the students missing and ten or more unaccuseed. >> it helped the school reduce the number to 1%. now the same program thigh have a new opportunity develop
4:26 pm
students. they hope the positive peer pressure will reduce truancy. >> the students can use the app individually or in teams with prizes for the top performers. >> it will keep you on t kellye: in northeast, kellye lynn, abc7 news. horace: if it work goes for it. perfectly tried turkey on the table but you didn't have to do it yourself. restaurant offering help for the families craving fried turkey. michelle: looks good. you are ready to start holiday shopping but do you know how
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"7 on your side" with
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. horace: before dinner, hundreds of volunteers gave back on this thanksgiving.
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who need it most. brianne carter was there. brianne: a volunteer-filled assembly line. all for a good cause. for the 32nd year, the knights of columbus in arlington is preparing meals for folks who otherwise may not have a turkey dinner this holiday. >> almost 400 turkeys donated this year. they are going out, about 1700 are going out on meals on wheels. >> the planning begins in months in knights and the volunteers worked around the clock to make sure pies are sliced and the potatoes are whipped. >> it's down to melments to get 3,000 -- measurements to get 3,000 meals out the the folks. this year, the knights of columbus saying that the need is greater. >> there is a need for people
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>> my grandfather. i'm a third generation night at the club. brianne: his son was up before the sun filling every cup with cranberries following the lead of the men who have come before him. in arlington, brianne carter, abc7 news. horace: heads up as we enter the holiday season. think about showing generosity with toys for tots. join us for a toy drive at national harbor next saturday december 3. we will be out there collecting toys between 11:00 and 3:00 p.m. hope michelle: it can make your mouth water but frying a turkey at home isn't easy and it can be dangerous if it's not done correctly. that is why peoplum rare in southeast -- medium rare in southeast d.c. offered families to have their turkey fried without the work. >> chefs consider it one of the best ways to cook a big bird. it's more complicated than
4:32 pm
>> enupopening up the fryer. the chefs do the work. bring in a turkey and they fry it up. >> we do different charities here. >> smells good. the benefit of deep frying a turkey, it takes 30 minutes it is crisp on the outside. moisture and the flavor is on the inside. perfect for thanksgiving. good for left overs. >> i just found out mine is number 26. they are on number 22. it shouldn't be so long. >> it has been a battle. got here before they open. she usually spends a few hours at least waiting for the fried turkey. but it's worth it. >> it's awesome. this is my third year to come
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>> he isn't just frying turkeys for those who don't want to mess up the kitchens. a number of the people who bring in birds actually have nowhere to cook it themselves. >> not going to send someone home without a thanksgiving turkey. >> stephen tschida, abc7 news. horace: now for many, black friday shopping is already happening. some stores have been open all day long. the crowds are counting down to the major store openings a little later tonight. best buy is set to open in less than a ha lots of people are already in line to snag deals on computers, tv's and electronics. we have a live report when the shoppers are let in. that will happen at the top of the hour. michelle: "7 on your side" to help you find the best deals this black friday. the first rule is beware of the markdowns disguised as super sales. for example, the offer of bargain fever says if you are buying a coat that is not at least 50% off, you are
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clothing, you are better off waiting until later in the season for the biggest bargains there. but the best thing to buy today and black friday, those tv's and the electronics. that john and the other folks talked about it, q, tom. >> i'm on the list for the little ones. brianne: -- brian: i'm trying to get the best deal. michelle: do you order online? brian: that is my favorite. michelle: but the weather is nice if brian: no rain tonight. it's going to cool off but it won't be wet. we head through the overnight, the clouds will break for moonlight here and there. mid-40 to the low 40's downtown. 30's in the burbs but not freezing cold temperature for us for later tonight. we are not going to see the below freezing number. tomorrow, point out we will look for the conditions and the upper 50's to the low 60's. i think like today we go back and forth between the clouds and sunshine. there is a chance of showers in the everything.
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that is good there. the weekend, low 50's on saturday. partly to mostly sunny skies. breezy on sunday. the average is 54. a little below where we should be for this time of the year. looking at the ten-day outlook. we head through the weekend, we are looking solid here. if you are traveling, it's looking good. the only unsettled weather flying far west is troublesome on sunday. coming up, i will show you the outlook. late sprinkle tomorrow. dry saturday and sn last day of november. temperatures in the mid-60's. the best shot of rain for wednesday and dissipating able then back average. we are five or six inches down for the year. we can use every bit we can get. wednesday is a better looking chance the way it looks now. back to you. horace: all right. developing now 2016 is on track to be among the deadliest for the police officers in many years. the latest officer killed in the line of duty was collin
4:36 pm
university in drought. rose was shot tuesday responding to a call. >> tragedy for law enforcement now. it has to stop. >> 61 law enforcement officers have died in firearm-related incidents this year. earlier in week, detective in san antonio, texas, was fatally shot while writing a ticket. targeted killing of police officers the most since 1995. michelle: a somber thanks as six families mourn the death of the children. the entire community is struggling after monday's deadly school bus crash. several children remain in the hospital. authorities say three on board cameras will be critical to this investigation. there are also questions as to why the bus was on a road that was not part of the normal road. michelle: meanwhile, volunteers in chattanooga want to reach out to help those suffering so they backed up boxes of food for the families
4:37 pm
food, volunteers included games, trinkets and stuffed animals. donations came in across the state to help fill the boxes. organizers say they know there is nothing that will take away the pain but they hope it serves as a sign of support. horace: the incoming first family spending this thanksgiving in florida. trump's club in palm beach. public events are scheduled before leaving for florida. the president-elect recorded a a bruising election. >> it's my prayer on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country threatened by shared purpose and very, very common resolve. horace: dr. ben carson says he is using the holiday to consider trump's office to be secretary of housing and urban development. on wednesday the president-elect nominated south carolina governor nikki
4:38 pm
billion -- u.n. ambassador and betsy devos for education secretary. michelle: some in the chevy chase area of northwest d.c. are getting ready for a high profile neighbor. vice-president elect mike pence is moving in. that means with the new neighbor they are getting a ton of added security. chris papst talked to people there. >> this is in northwest home that the neighbors tell abc7 vice president elect mike pence moved into. this is the emergency no the day he moved in on november 21 and november 22. now according to the online add, this house is five bedrooms, three and a half baths, 2,500 square feet and it rents for $6,000 a month. this is temporary until the vice president elect moves to the vice presidential mansion farther south here from where we are in d.c. now, of course, this is temporary. the neighbors here say they have pretty strong opinions about the vice president-elect
4:39 pm
here is what one woman had to say. >> it's an interesting thing for the neighborhood. most of the people in the neighborhood would not pick him to be the neighbor. >> politically. >> politically speaking. he may be a nice man. we haven't talked to him. >> coming up at 6:00, we will knock on the door and take you inside to show you the house. chris papst, abc7 news. michelle: all right. coming up for us, incredible act of kindness paying it forward. the inspiring act of the grocery store generosity that is just ahead. horace: the top basketball player in maryland. one of the top ones in the country. why his coach says this guy is so special.
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erin: he chose to commit to notre dame. >> when them having the number two business in the country, that's what i want to major in.
4:43 pm
is one of the hardest workers the stags have had. >> since day one when he got here, he is one that impressed the coaches about getting in the gym. it's something he carried through for four years and he always picked something in the game he wanted to improve upon. that is a reason why he is as good as he is. >> he bucks you at 6:30 in the morning. are you impressed or bothered by it? >> at first it was impressive. after a while, it's like okay, so, but no, i love the fact he wants to get in the gym. when you have a pl gym, you want to make sure they have every opportunity to do so. >> it's that hard work that earned the d.j. harvey this week's toyota team player. horace: you have to see this to believe it. a trio of australian youtube personalities set the guinness world record for the highest height from which a basketball basketball -- basketball was shot.
4:44 pm
this is in the swiss alps. absolutely perfect shot. michelle: that is insane. horace: that is. one more time. >> it looked like it would miss. michelle: nailed it. nothing but net. they practice that over and over. cool. horace: all ig thanksgiving dinner but how about a feast worth $50,000? the old homestead steak most preparing a meal for three people. the turkey is $85 a pound. it's seasoned with exotic spices from the middle east.
4:45 pm
worth $465 a pound. have you ever had that? horace: i don't even know what it is. michelle: foie gras. how about gravy? this stuff is induced with bourbon. you have had that. horace: i've had that. michelle: and more than $28030 of a bottle. horace: maybe before the night is up. >> this is not just dinner. you get football tickets. shopping spree and a prime view of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. horace: okay. well, we all know that a trip to the grocery store this time expensive but it can be hack hack -- hectic. tonight a heart-warming story of generosity. danielle vincent was grabbing groceries for thanksgiving but during the check out she realized she forgot her wallet. the woman behind her jumped in and paid her bill. all $178 of it. >> i just welled up with tears in my eyes. she kind of like looked at me
4:46 pm
i have to give you a hug. she is like no, i don't need to. she is like thank you so much. horace: isn't that something? she said she asked for the woman's name or address so she could send a card but the woman simply said she wanted to do something for the holidays. one way danielle says she plans to pay it forward is paying for people drinks in line at starbucks. michelle: that is so sweet. now to this. students from university in new hampshire thank a good samaritan for random act of kindness. they were collecting food and money to help hundreds of needy families but they reach the credit card daily limit. a woman offered to pay for the entire order that was $500. that is the worst feeling. you get to check out -- horace: oops. michelle: you forget your credit card or the wallet. they just didn't have enough
4:47 pm
what do i do? help feeling but nice someone stepped. horace: still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- discovery in thanksgiving.
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horace: just in time for thanksgiving incredible find in plymouth. archaeologists believe to have found part of the original settlementment and they found a musket ball providing clues about the guns they had then. they found surrounding artifacts. no word on where the items maybe the smithsonian. michelle: that would be nice. horace: come here. michelle: interesting timing to make the discovery. all right. check on our forecast. brian? brian: as we look at the weekend upcoming it does look cooler in the sense but sunnier. it will feel brisk but the sunshine is dry. get some stuff done outside if you need to. horace: take a look outside and see how it is shaping up. beautiful evening. sunshine to break through the clouds.
4:51 pm
later tonight as we wrap up thanksgiving, another slice of pie or leftover turkey later tonight. the temperature in the 40's downtown. friday upper 50's. the clouds an sunshine will come back and forth. tomorrow night a sprinkle or a shower is not out of the question. by the weekend, sunshine but a little bit cooler for and 70. boston to detroit is dry. even the southeast is good from atlanta. 60's to 70's. florida, middle of the country is unsettled for the sunday travel. dallas, few showers. late in the day houston could see showers in the 70's. salt lake could see a snowshower. phoenix and l.a. with showers. those are the hot spots sunday if you are traveling or flying
4:52 pm
go through the next couple of days and i will tell you, the pattern is such we go up and down. we will level things out. calm but a dry weekend. next week we say goodbye to november and hello to december we will warm up with a chance of rain. let's see what happens with the evening commute. can we call it on a holiday? jamie: i don't know. that sounds so odd to me. especially today. the traffic is so light. run through what you need to know. most roads are clear. if you are heading clarksburg or 70 to hagerstown, no problems. 95. if you have to travel south toward d.c. from baltimore it's completely clear. northbound is same thing. leaving arlington, making a way home in f you live in fairfax, quiet. i said in clarksburg very light. there are not much traffic at all. there are cars but not a lot. it's light. the big picture here using the
4:53 pm
we have. no crashes at this point. we had a few issues a while ago. nothing to worry about. this is cool. this is a map. thanksgiving week from the partners at waze. they said here are the busiest times. of course we saw that earlier this week on tuesday and wednesday. today thanksgiving day is late. tomorrow is similar. same on saturday. but gearing up for sunday which will be of course a day where a lot of people are out there traveling trying to get so, that is a look at what we have now. we will keep a close eye. if anything happens we will let you know. back to you. horace: up next, special friday edition of "7 on your side." don't waste your money. tomorrow is all about saving but they may not be the lowest price of the year. what you need to know before you hit the stores up next. michelle: here is what is coming up at 5:00 -- >> a local hotel is giving back to the men and the women who have to work this holiday.
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. male vo: comcast. michelle: many shoppers assume thanksgiving night and black friday will bring the lowest prices of the year but in many cases that is a smith. consumer reporter john matarese shows us why some assumptions are wrong so you don't waste your money.
4:57 pm
most anticipated shopping day of the year. more an more people in the d.c. area who compare the deals suggest that other days over the coming weeks may give you better bargaining. even though dozens of stores are saying no to opening on thanksgiving day in 2016, millions of shoppers will still skip out on dinner and stand in line for the chance to rush the store at 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. in many cases it's not worth it according to the analysis by the "wall street journal." report titled "t gifts from the barbie dolls to blenders are priced below black friday levels later on. once you remove a blue door buster deals, prices are lower two weeks before christmas. doesn't that stink file? how the door buster deal sell out so fast. $200 tved.
4:58 pm
but often no more than 20 many stock. doesn't that stink? it gets us in the door where we buy other items that are not at the lowest price of the season. unless you want a super low price on 4k t you have to line up to get, waiting for the cyber week often deals better deals. for clothing an toys you might find sales even later so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. abc7 news. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your for some the turkey has been gobbled up and now it's time to shop. michelle: for others the holiday shopping rush started early. we found people camping out for the chance to be the first to get hands on great holiday deals. larry: that is right. we have team coverage on the shopping frenzy. look at tonight's shopping weather if you will. meteorologist brian van de graaff, what do we need? brian: i have raining dollar bills. i am hoping you will save all the money tonight heading out for the forecast.
4:59 pm
evening forecast. temperatures in the 50's. slip in the 40's later tonight. scattered clouds. we had a sprinkle or two this morning and that was it. for the everything, it will be cool. 30's and 40's. if you are hitting the outlet malls or the outdoor malls dress accordingly. let's talk about tomorrow as you head through the day tomorrow. a lot of folks have shopping plans as well. i think tomorrow will be similar to today and the fact we have clouds and sunshine kind of jockeying back and forth. that will be an issue off and on throughout t friday afternoon i could see clouds moving in. maybe a shower or two tomorrow evening. bulk of the day is dry. not a bad day to get out and save money. we talk about the weekend and if you are traveling home from the d.m.v. in a bit. michelle: thank you. electronics are always the highest black friday items. that is why there are lines outside of best buys around the area. the one in alexandria is about
5:00 pm
crowd. tom, it looks like they are open. you are inside! how is it going? tom: i can't hear you because the big moment is upon us. >> three. two. one. tom: count it down. here we go. it's official. black friday has begun right here. 5:00 p.m. opening for best buy. it's one of the earlier stores to open but not the only one that opens at this time. you can see live on television here we are at the one at the potomac yard shopping center in alexandria. these are the clouds coming in. some of the folks i'm told signed up for the best buy credit cards and got a special place in line. folks that got here this morning are coming in as well. in a moment. there was a man i talked to last hour who is in line.


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